Clementine Sun

Khari Cabral Simmons

This album explores Khari's range of influence... from Quincy Jones to Sergio Mendes to Bacharach, with a stellar lineup of guests including India.Arie, Monday Michiru and Sabrina Malheiros.

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The Story of Love

Cecilia Stalin, Khari Cabral Simmons

Sometimes when two amazing talents meet magic happens, well it definitely did when Swedish nu-jazz singer Cecilia Stalin (KOOP) came to Atlanta for her first ever visit and collaborated with producer/bassist Khari Cabral (JIVA/ INDIA AIRE) that created a stunning collection of tracks that brings an unique mixture of jazz meets soul meets Brazil of the highest quality. Influences like Sergio Mendes & Quincy Jones comes to mind immediately when listening to this EP with Daz-I-Kue (BUGZ IN THE ATTIC/I-KUE PRODUCTIONS) making up the last piece of the jigsaw adding his unmistakeable mark with his production and mixing skills this is one irresistible piece of work.

As well as an amazing version of "Norwegian Wood", that twists The Beatles song up with Ronnie Law's "Mystic Brew" into beautifully deep soulful creation. Cecilia breathes life into "He Loves You", originally done by Seawind, that puts it into another realm. Their version of "Sunny Day" would even make Jon Lucien smile, an excellent Brazilian stormer that is fast becoming a favorite among the jazz-dance community. And of course the beautiful samba house original and title track "The Story Of Love" that keeps up the dance floor pressure.

EP is now available on 12' vinyl:

Juno (online vinyl store)
Soul brother records (putney)
United 80 (brixton)
IF Music (ox.circus)
Sister Ray (soho)
Love Vinyl (shoreditch)
Clerkenwell music(clerkenwell)
Flashback Reords (islington)

Record Mania (söder)
Pet Sounds (söder)

Moods Music (atlanta)
Dusty Groove (chicago)

For licensing, bookings or to leave feedback: or
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